It has become a non-negotiable reality: higher education must pivot to meet the needs of a changing world. International education has been devastated by the far-reaching impacts of COVID-19. We have to rebuild.

This immersive, digital seminar brings together Via TRM Clients and the education abroad community to discuss ways that technology partners and academic institutions can work together to support the next decade of user experience design, both digitally and programmatically.

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Day One

Day one is focused on the Education Abroad “Tech Stack” (a term used to describe the tools, services, software, operating systems and programs used by an office to manage day to day operations) and will feature presentations & workshops on specific technology tools and their use in education abroad. Technology tools featured: Traveler Relationship Management, Social Media platforms, Travel Tracking & Risk Management tools, Online Education Management, Blockchain in Higher Ed., Machine Learning.

*For Day 1 we will offer two separate options for attendees to either choose to be a part of the Via TRM Product Track (geared towards Via TRM clients and prospects) or the Education Abroad Tech Stack Track (a more general technology track).

Client Track General Track
1-1 Peer Mentoring 1-1 Peer Mentoring
Showcasing your programs in Via TRM How Do We Fund International Education in the Next Decade?
Engaging #EveryStudent with Via TRM: Freshmen, Men, STEM, etc. The Database that Solves all your Problems… Doesn’t Exist!
BOLD Approaches to Streamlining Applications & Pre-Departure Emerging Tech in IE: Blockchain, AI/VR, 3D Printing, etc.

Day Two

On day two, attendees will have the opportunity to hear fresh perspectives from a curated list of experts in travel, technology, and business.

The facilitation of the seminar week will provide ample opportunities to go beyond typical conference small talk and engage in critical conversations about the things that matter the most to you.

General Track
1-1 Peer Mentoring
A Debate on the Value and Pitfalls of Virtual Global Programming
How to Host Digital Events (That Are Almost as Good as IRL Events)
Making Via TRM A “Full Time Employee”
Students Speak: The Next Generation on Jobs, Study Abroad, COVID-19

Pre-Seminar Workshops, July 14th with IEP

Join us for two optional pre-seminar workshops, for $49, with IEP.

Creative Capacity: Working with What You’ve Got

Budget cuts, layoffs and hiring freezes. Lately, we are hearing these words frequently, and your team may feel stretched thin headed into the fall semester. How can you possibly do the same work (or more) with less funding or staffing? This session will help you meet these challenges head on by developing a plan to evaluate current office processes and platforms, identify inefficiencies, harness your data, and discover practical solutions to help your team weather the current storm.

How to Market Study Abroad When Travel is Grounded

With so much uncertainty surrounding international education, it can be a challenge to keep your students and faculty engaged. However, we know that now, more than ever, institutions need to be educating students on how to solve global issues. In this session, we will discuss communication strategy for students, faculty, and the larger campus community. We’ll explore strategies for marketing in the current climate, leveraging your current CRM software, creating more virtual spaces, and revisiting best practices for outreach and recruitment.

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